Tuesday, July 29, 2008

On The Train, July 25, 2008

The train actually came at 1800 as stated on the board. But I suspect it was the one that supposed to arrive before ha ha ha. It was early because it was very late. I wanted to be early today as I am going bowling with the family. Naturally the train was solid with Friday evening commuters. I was lucky though I got a seat vacated by a lady who got down at KL Station.

I am typing and staring at butts now and it got worse when we got to Mid Valley. I barely had a space to open my laptop and type. I hooked up the wireless modem and was successful for a moment until I was squeezed making it too difficult for me to look at the screen. So I gave up surfing for a while. The reason I wanted to be online because I wanted to check the information on the bowling tournament. The young man standing in front of me kept having his sling bag pressed against my screen. Rather run the risk of it crushing my laptop I just lied low for a while. I knew a young lady at the end of my seat was watching at what I was doing. Sometimes we did not realize it that curiosity will definitely kills the cat.

'It is going to get even worse at Bandar Tasek Selatan'.

Looking up only I realized that the two young man standing in front of me actually sandwiching a sweet young girl. I knew the girl was a bit annoyed by this. Leaches, squandrels and sitheads will take whatever advantage they could get. However, I am not saying the two young men did that on purpose. I am sure they were not but others would not think twice

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