Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On The Train, Aug 1, 2008

No use to keep saying the obvious and lament the obvious as well. With August at the door we have to be very focus in whatever we are doing for the rest of the year and I am not purely talking about work but also human development in general. I no less need a lot of that. While in a meeting yesterday I received a disturbing massage that kept me thinking the whole journey home. I just could not concentrate on anything. What I was thinking then primarily was about the make up of my children’s education. The process and the environment they are in. To begin with I already disagree with certain philosophy of our education system and in so many ways impart this to my children. The question I was asking myself yesterday was, ‘Have I been pushing it too far for them.’ In coping with the reality of the school system and at the same time to engage in meaningful learning they may have been frustrated to the point of projecting a visible protest. In doing that he could have been relentless and just do not know where and when to stop. That’s what probably is happening to my son where yesterday was one of the trigger points. Probably their teachers also would not know how to react properly to all the signals he has been sending. In the case of my son probably his schoolmates also could not understand his frustration and react in the way they only know how. Getting nasty at each other. I am as much at fault here as I have not been preparing them carefully and properly. Another dimension to this is that because of the prevalent of technology in their live we got an immediate as well as personalized ‘complaint’ from his classmate via a text message.

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