Wednesday, November 21, 2007

On The Train (A Tribute to A Friend), Nov 15, 2007

I got the usual Friday night commuters today. Although the aircon is working because of too much body heat being produced by everyone the coach became a cause for global warming concern.

I was replying to an email today when suddenly I became sad and nostalgic. It all started when I wanted to share my feeling when I was at our alma mater watching the Old Boys vs The School basketball game. I describing the players that I used to have fun watching played that I was brought to the reality of the lost fo Allahyarham Roslen Yusof. Roslen was the point guard for our great basketball team of the late 70’s. During those periods we beat everybody in NS and went to capture the Hamdan Cup three years in a row. Roslen was not only known to me as the member of that great basketball team but he was also my room mate in 1974-75 and in 1979 we were in the same school U20 Rugby Team. We met again in UiTM when were there. Ironically we met for the last time when we gathered in PD to entertain our old basketball coach, Jims Khulman, who came down from the US for a visit. He unexpectedly also passed away in PD a few months after that. May Allah SWT place you together with the blessed ones my friend.

The train is still a sardine can and we have just left Bandar Tasek Selatan.

Tomorrow I am going to Damai Laut again and this time the office Treasure Hunt. I was there two weeks ago for another Hunt but this time would be better. I also did not write about that hunt and this one I’ll probably will.

Looking around the coach I guess it only will be better when we are at Kajang. Right now still a lot of commuters. In fact few more got onboard at Serdang.

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