Monday, November 12, 2007

On The Train, Nov 7, 2007

Expecting a lot of people waiting for the train, tomorrow is Deepavali, I waited for the ‘right’ time and my timing was perfect. As I was about to slot my ticket into the machine the train arrived. As expected the train was packed at KL Sentral.

There was a lady in red standing close to me and I did not realize that she was pregnant. He tummy was not that big that is why it was not obvious to me. I on realized it when we were at Tasik Selatan when an Indian lady sitting next to me offered her seat. I was really embarrassed. I was too engrossed with my laptop I missed it and I guess even if I notice I would not be sure if she was pregnant or not. I may offend her by offering my seat. Nevertheless, knowing it then I was ashamed of myself.

Lesson learned: I should be more oblivious of my surrounding if I want to be a better learner and person.

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