Friday, November 2, 2007

On The Train (Blogging), Oct 30, 2007

Yesterday my dear wife remarked that my I have not updated my blog for a while. Indeed I got caught up with a lot of thinking on writing something else that I neglected this blog. That is the challenge really; it is easy to start a blog but not that easy to keep on writing if you have no passion to do it. Blog is somewhat different to a diary although a lot of people treat and write is as a diary. Writing a blog you are writing on one particular subject of your interest, generally something that you good at and you are most of the time writing for an audience or readers. My blog is about Knowledge Management and I am using my daily commutes on the train to work or my travels as a metaphor and examples to share my thoughts on the subject. Blog is of course one of the tools that you could use for KM.

A small girl, I think slightly older than Mar, is sitting, rather standing on the seat now, in front of me. Just like any normal kids she is active and her eyes are wondering around the coach trying to find something interesting to explore. She is now leaning back watching a man ‘texting’ on his handphone. She is so engross at times watching and must be wondering what exactly the man is doing. What she is seeing, judging from how things moving now, would be a museum piece when she grow up. Just like when I was four or five all that I knew were paddy fields, rivers, fish, birds (the feathers kind) and a lot of toys that we made ourselves from whatever we can get hold off. So to us creativity and innovatively were never an issue as we practically invented the words. We learned to survive very early. The thought of using a tool like my laptop that I am using now was the farthest as the farthest star in the sky. Just imagine what this girl going to get in 20-30 years from now? No matter what she will survive and know how to deal with her world. As parents we sometimes worry too much about our children’s future. We forget what carry us through so far. That is the beauty about knowledge and the importance of instilling good knowledge behaviors into our children. Through out history it has been proven that way. The better, stronger and richer individual or nation have been the one at the forefront of knowledge. So the question then why do we need to manage knowledge now? We can’t. What we are doing is only trying to manage the process and discipline to ensure we learn continuously, quickly and learning the right things.

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