Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On The Train (You are not young anymore), Sept. 10, 2007

‘You are not that young anymore you know’ said my wife when she saw me limping home after my weekly football game. This time I really messed up my knee. The moment I felt the nerve reacting I knew instantly this is going to be a bad one. Indeed my knee was swollen when I woke up in Sunday morning and I practically crawled to the bath room. I braved the day but I knew I have to rest for at least a month. Lucky for me the blessed Ramadan is just round the corner and I have the best reason not to exert myself.

Since I could not afford not to go to the office I limped on the train this morning. I was tested further when it was raining when I arrived at the Bank Negara station. I had not choice but to limp away under the rain to the office. Luckily it was not that heavy and I managed. As expected questions came straight to me from almost everyone when they saw me limping in. I could have made it a bit more dramatic my coloring my story a bit but I opted for ‘I busted my knee playing football over the weekend.’

The thought of going to see the doctor did not cross my mind until 0830 when I was suppose to have my daily morning meeting. I felt bad moving around and getting up from my seat. I guess there a lot of people in the organization has ‘gout’ as that was what the doctor remarked when I limped into her office. No, I am a bit more sophisticated than that, I said the same thing I said to everyone else. I busted my knee …… The doctor diagnosed it as either ligament or tendon tare and ordered me home.

The moral of the story for this is this actually. Yes, I am not that young anymore I know that, but the thing is you have to know your body and take note of what your body is trying to tell you. I was given the signal last few weeks already but I chose to ignore it. I should have pay more attention during warming up and stretch the muscles. Actually it is a communication process and instinctively you are told and should know. High level of knowing I guess. I need to listen to my body more for signals or symptoms before anything breakdown. Just as I should with my organization. Somebody night have said ‘you are not young anymore’ in the office but I have ignored it.

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