Monday, September 17, 2007

On The Train (Reading Community), Sept 14, 2007

A brother from my big SDARA family invited me to be his Shelfari friend today. Shelfari is social system based on your book collections. The system enables you to catalogue your collection online and make it accessible to your friends and public as well. I have been using The LibraryThing for this but I found out that Shelfari is better at community building. The LibraryThing although has a lot of social software features but lack the community building feature of Shelfari. So with Shelfari you can create your own community of book lovers. I took time to explore it and decided to replicate what I have in the LibraryThing. In fact I added more and find it very easy and useful. It looks like I bee using Shelfari more now. I actually invited some of the people close to me to join and by today I have three already.

What is interesting is not just Shelfari but the concept of social network and community building is really growing in the websphere now. Almost every new web systems and services today are introduced with social network and community building features. Not only that you only need to oick one subject area and you can be sure that there are already a lot of communities and social networks exist on the Net using several components of what is known today as Web 2.0 tools. The best part sharing is really a norm on the Net now and most of the younger generation is exposed to it. Which is good for the future. Save to say that this is the kind of things they will expect we they moved into a working world.

The train was really solid packed on the way home today. That resulting from the combination of Ramadhan, Friday evening commuters and delay (what else) by KTMB

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