Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On The Train, Sept 18, 2007

I am being crazy again! During lunch time today I was bored and not that I did not have anything to do I have a lot actually and to say I have a lot of free time is totally way off. But somehow I had a very strong urge to go out to a book store and grab a book or two. That was what I did during lunch time I took a train to Kino at KLCC. Of course I ended up buying books, this time two by Atul Gawande. The part being crazy is this, at home I am at the last few chapters of Ghengis Khan, on the train to work I am reading, or rereading if you think of it, Patrick Lambe’s Organising Knowledge and now on the train home Atul Gawande’s Complications. Yes, I am crazy and it is Ramadhan LOL.

I missed the intended train going home and that meant I would be even late for my breaking fast today. I thought the train would be empty but I was surprised to see more people on board as we approached each station.

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