Friday, September 14, 2007

On The Train, Sept 12, 2007

It was reported in Kosmo today that KTMB had organized class on the train programme which I think long overdue. Whatever it is at least they are doing it now. I always believe programme like this is very important to the survival of KTMB. I still remember the time I really begin to love the train was when our English teacher, Basil De Mello, actually took the whole class during our english period to Seremban station to learn about locomotive live. We were brought into the engine car and were shown how the train engine work. In fact that was the first and only time so far that I was in the engine car. I believe if you did not manage to capture a lot at least 1 percent of students would be sufficient for the future if the remain as train lovers for the rest of their life. Of course KTMB need to strengthen that we other loyalty programme.

In the last two days several of my friends have been sharing their train travels experience in our mailing list. The way they wrote about it was positive and indication that they love doing it and would love to do it. One or two did complaint about KTMB neglecting our national treasure and not providing services to certain standard. That is a fact to me and it is really a tragedy. I would have hope despite not making enough money KTMB would try their best to maintain certain standard and literally properly maintain the train as well. Probably a totally mindset and human resource change are required at KTMB.

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