Friday, September 7, 2007

On The Train (Bad news is good news), Sept 5, 2007

Phew!!!! That was how I reacted inside as I walked out of the room. Facing the management is never easy even more if it is something that is complex to explain. But you have to explain to create understanding and buy-in. Of course at the same time willing to face the consequences. I was caught of guard by the sudden instruction to present and by my standard I fumbled my first few lines. I recovered quick enough to manage the situation but I still rate my performance there at 3 out of 5. My belief in the project is as strong as before and we are very sure we are going to create major impact to the organization. I was still thinking about all these on the train home and the realization of the lessons that we have learned is something that really established in my mind. If not for all the problems and issues that we faced we would be just in our own world. Now, at least, most of the staff knows about our project and we should capitalize on that. It is true that we could learn more from these negative results. We achieve certain degree of awareness as I have heard people were saying.

1. This EP project is complex
2. It is about new discovery
3. It is a gateway (although the use of the term is not right but they understood the concept)
4. The platform where other project could leverage
5. So, it is important!
6. EP is one-stop interface
7. EP is useful communication channel

In fact the percentage of people asking, ‘What is EP?’ when we use the word is less now. All these indications and more would work to our advantage in the end and we should strategise properly.

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