Friday, September 16, 2011

On The Train, Sept 15, 2011

A three day weekend and a KTMB mess at Kuang are perfect ingredients for a Friday evening packed solid sardine can that is assumed to be KTMB commuter. Definitely the majority are additional and non regular going home or going to open houses. They should have known to just stay at home and let me go home peacefully LOL. I have got open houses waiting for me to grace tonight as well :). 
The train pushing hard towards Seremban now and we’d just let some people escaped out at Serdang LOL and we have a bit of space to breath now he he he. 
Some more rushed out at Kajang. I am almost there.
Dah la panas ada plak couple buat babak panas dalam train ni hishhhh sa,dul betul. 
Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

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finsterina said...

panasss... interesting ride in KTMB. Just wish it were more reliable.. but then I'd rather drive. ;P but not to kajang daily! noo..