Thursday, September 15, 2011

On The Train, Sept 13, 2011

Something interesting, funny and peculiar happened on the train home yesterday. I’d wanted to write about it straight away yesterday but than decided not to make my blog piece too long so here it is. 
As I was typing yesterday I heard a strange sound coming form the front seat and I thought at first it was from somebody that was sick. The sound was like ‘Fuuuuhahhhhh!’ It was softer when the train was on the move and louder to all of us when the train stopped. For few minutes I just ignored it as I thought if it was not from somebody that was sick it must be from somebody that has screw missing from his head :). After a louder ’Fuuuuuhaaaah’ I looked up a bit and I saw a chinese man two rows ahead of me sleeping and instead of snoring obliviously making that loud strange sound. It was unbelievable and how’s that possible I said to my self. I am not kidding! Man! I thought I have seen everything on the train? Apparently there are more to explore and experience ha ha ha. The colors of Malaysians and Malaysia he he he.
Today I was late again but caught the train after only few minutes waiting. It is a younger group tonight which is good to see. 
I am happy today to read Bro Shabery is taking the lead to cycle and encouraging people to take up cycling to work. 

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