Monday, September 12, 2011

On The Train, Sept 12, 2011

A gentleman came and sat next to me at the platform. He asked, ‘Train dah lepas ke?’ I knew he was asking about the Seremban train but just to make him realise the inappropriateness of his question I asked him back, ‘ train pergi mana?’ He replied, ‘Seremban’. I wanted to say that this is a commuter service if one train gone there will be of course another one on the way albeit of course for KTMB could be a big question mark as to how soon. But I just kept quietly. Maybe I have been dealing with a lot of Malaysian stupidities over the weekend that is why I am a bit sarcastic today :)
The train arrived at 2026 and it is one of those old train reconverted that the seats only in the middle of the coach and standing only room at both ends. I chose a window seat facing towards the direction of the train traveling. Some commuters I noticed would choose the opposite. It makes no different for just feel like traveling along with the train tonight instead of facing backwards. Over the weekend at my cousin’s Hari Raya One House George her husband remarked to me something like ‘Still getting on the train?’ Smiling I said yes despite all the misadventures on it. Truth be told and I sometimes failed to admit I just love to be on it no matter what. My daily ranting probably is my way of badgering KTMB to improve it services. Probably somebody may say I am wasting my literary words but then again we must believe LOL. 

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