Wednesday, July 29, 2009

On The Train (National KRAs?), July 28, 2009

The PM today announced the six national key result areas. I do not wish to list them out here as you can read it in today’s newspaper online or otherwise. What I would to comment here is this. Knowing how it is in Malaysia. These KRAs will become targets and they are going to make sure they are met, at any cost. At any cost means in the end it just be numbers game for them and totally ignoring any elements contributing to the possible successful outcome. In achieving their targets most of the time they will ignore human element or getting to know the real issue in the process. The other thing is about the KRAs themselves as I eluded earlier they are mostly not outcome KRAs and not comprehensive to tackle the real problem that we are facing. One good example is in the transport industry.

By 2012, the LRT service will have an additional 35 sets of 4-car-train operating the Kelana Jaya route.

If the government would want to be specific the one thing they should really tackle now is the KTMB Komuter service which through my six years using it is pathetic. In fact I am on one now with the old dead carriages being pulled by a normal engine car. When I read the KRAs on this I was more than disappointed. I was madly angry. Don’t tell me this route has no potential compare the Kelana Jaya line. I have seen, observed and believe there is potential. It is only the failure of KTMB to provide a good service.

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