Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On The Train, July 21, 2009

The issue that we are facing today is really less of the need to do what we normally termed as KM but more of the trying to solve of being helpful to the real bottomline. Thus understanding the real business issue is key. The recognition that we received on the assessment of knowledge sharing in the organization by the management is encouraging but those kind accolades would not stand the test of time until and unless we deal head on with business issues. Indications were noted today as to what are the possibilities.

• The need for the majority of people in the organization to be strategic in their thinking and doing things
• All tasks should be organizational centric that would mean due focus on the bottomline
• Higher sense of urgency
• Stakeholder's needs - internal & external
• Greater collective responsibility
• Organizational change - Traditions as barriers
• Governance

In our planning and execution we have to be mindful and give the above due consideration

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