Monday, July 13, 2009

On The Train, July 10, 2009

Yes, I have not been publishing any blog lately. Sorry for that. Indeed I have continued to write but on other things besides my daily musing on the train. Since, my neighbour mentioned about my blog yesterday I better strat publishing again to make sure it is alive.

Lately I find it really difficult to concentrate to write. Not so much I have a lot on my mind, it just that nothing clicks. As far as the train, of course KTMB’s Komuter, service goes it is getting better now with the introduction of the so called hybrid train. To those still wondering what hybrid train is? It is the old or not working Komuter train being pulled by the normal engine. To those old komuter that already dead KTMB even add a Gen Set at the back to power the aircon system. I knew it was suggested before by somebody or even their own staff but it was not down until every commuters cried for the heads. I met my ex-school mate on the train sometimes back and he told me the reason was it is costly to do that. In my mind still KTMB didn’t get it then. It was not about cost it is about customer experience. The failed to see the big picture until the damage had been done. Sadly a Malaysian mentality.

Yes, for almost a year now I have changed my morning schedule by taking the 0631 train to work. Earlier and ensure me to get a seat. Just the other day I realized the demography of the commuters has change as well. Firstly, I could see less than 10% of the usual faces remain. Secondly, most of the new faces are younger. Third, there are lots more causal or tourist kind on board. All these are good signs for KTMB unless they see otherwise.

I embarked on the same strategy when I boarded going home and presented with a seat at KL Station. It was the usual Friday evening commuters. A lady on my right was sleeping soundly and she almost miss her stop at Kajang.

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