Thursday, April 23, 2009

On The Train, Apr 21, 2009

I had passed the turnstiles and walked under the station’s roof sheltering me from the cold morning rain when I decided to find a place to sit and read. As I was standing there trying to pull out my book a voice came, ‘You Ghazali kan?’ asking me. I said yes. I was pretty sure she was very familiar but I could not place the name. I am really having trouble with remembering people nowadays. It is not that I have met too many people but it was just me not able to connect faces with names. This was not the first time happening to me at the same station. But today I’ll really appreciate the lady making the first move as I probably would not have. She had been to my office with her office mate visiting us. Also I have met her in a couple of conferences. So she should not be a stranger to me but that just it I could not connect the face. I do not blame anyone if they say I am sombong but believe me I am not. Well we got to talk about KM in her organization which is striving. I am glad for her and her organization. In a way thinking about it when I reached the office I was glad as well t least I somewhat responsible for that development. No I am not looking for recognition or something like that just a mere small fact for me to go into another gear and move on. It means I could continue doing what I am doing passionately.

I purposely went home after I have said my Maghrib to avoid train delays and be comfortable on the train. Instead I got a rude shock went my intended train disappeared into thin air from the schedule. Normally I would not be pissed but that day I was over my piss limit and almost exploded at the station. &&^#%&$%*( KTMB.

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