Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Escaped, Retired and Still on The Job Librarians Get Together, Apr 23, 2009

All of us went to the same college and in fact in the same class for 3 years. At least four of us married to one another and have quite a bit of line of kids among us. The impromptu get together was conceived because our old friend Metuddin from Brunei was in town. For convenience sake the place of choice was the Café of Puteri Pacific. As usual I did not expect much from the turn up as history still prevailed with few maybes and wannabes indeed were the no shows. So the usual old trusted group managed to create some lives in the quiet café.

As a background to the scene there were 7 of us where two of us retired, two still active librarians and three escapees successfully morphed into Admin Manager, Lecturer and KM practitioner. Having not met for quite sometimes the big café became a shouting room for all of us, well at least the ladies, enough shouting for curious patrons to have their eyes wondered across our direction. What do you expect? Almost or approaching 50 something giggling like 17 year olds. Still, what amazing was they were laughing at old stories and jokes. Strategically the little ones were left at home with either the fathers, tutors or in our case her brother and sister. How else could we be small kids as they are if they were around :). No, no the night was our night and our turn to be cheeky, spoilt and rebellious. Well not that rebellious but we had that thought :). We enjoyed the food as much as we enjoyed each other companies and made the best of the short time that we have with each other. In the end we discovered the time was too short when our hand phones started to buzz. Yeap, we knew we had our husbands and kids at home but we tried our best to delay the obvious. What else could it be when everyone kept on talking as we walked to the car park and started to employed delay tactics by introducing each other spouses and initiated new line of discussions our of the thin air. Even after awhile with their boring spouses standing nearby it was hard to separate us. The pull of dear friendships nurtured during our growing up years in college was too strong. I bet you had the same experience before. I did and even more powerful.

Thank you Matt, Aida, Gie, AniJ, Zain and of course my beautiful Sam for the wonderful although short but memorable moment.


nuar said...

I'm just curious . are you from Galing Camp kuantan? I lived there ( 1970-1977)when i was 6 years old until I was 13. nice to get in touch with someone " from the past". who knows maybe you was one of those kids use to "buli" me and my friends in the " black maria" on the way to SAS or SABS.

Embassy of MAlaysia

Ghaz said...

Yes Anuar we were there until 1976 when we moved from Ulu Kinta in 1968. Masa tu Galing Camp belum siap lagi so duduk kat Camp lama kat Alor Akar. Kita org pindah to Kelantan in late 1976. Dekat camp if I can remember correctly our house was at Block J3. I sekolah rendah kat Sek Keb Galing but did nit go to school in Kuantan for my secondary. U ada tak gambar camp yg lama?