Monday, April 6, 2009

On The Train, Apr 2, 2009

I was late because I wanted to have a nice ride home after the maghrib but instead the train was delayed yet again. I ended up waiting for more than 45 minutes before the train decided to show up at 2055. While waiting the Ipoh KL shuttle stopped to let passengers to disembark. Unfortunately one of them slipped and fell through half way down to the track. I was fearful of him witnessing it. Automatically I turned my head to look at the train attendant at the engine car to make sure he saw the whole thing and not allowing the train to pull out. Luckily the guy was quickly to get out and looked like he was not hurt. It could be nasty.

For being late we were ‘gifted’, as usual, with a lot of commuters at both KL Sentral and Mid Valley. Tonight though we had a lot of chatty Gen Y onboard.

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