Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday Riders, Nov 23, 2008

We almost did not make it. After a half day of Futsal on Saturday every inch of my muscles were aching. Had Acong hinted any kind of excuse I would have said yes. But neither of us would want to commit the first move I guess. Also, maybe, it was going to be our first ride together after a long time.

As I was early, I warmed up by cycling around the housing estate. It took me awhile but I was ready when Acong came out at 0659. We immediately cruised down towards Bangi Lama and took the same route I took last week to Putrajaya. This time I was a little bit ready and we reached Taman Warisan at 0845. I thought everyone was still on their way but they were actually already cycling the boulevard. They were Abedib, Alif, Kol and Shahrin and on Kol’s direction Acong and I cycled to meet them halfway. That was it for both of us in Putrajaya. We backtracked and had a light breakfast at Taman Warisan’s eateries. During breakfast Kol and Alif shared with us the gory details of their ride the day before at the Horse trail. Hearing their description and stories I could see Acong’s face was eager to try it. I felt the same and we looked at each other agreeing silently. We had tackled the back to back three phases climb at UKM and this one is another one we want to conquer.

Around 1000 we said goodbye to one another and head for home. For both of us home me another 30km ride and we decided to take the same route I took last week as well. Meaning another assault of the mean climb at Sg Merab MKT before screaming down to Sek Teknik Sepang. This time I was prepared for it and with Acong around pushed me up a little bit.

We were home safely around 1100 and the end of another satisfying ride for me.

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