Friday, November 7, 2008

One Sunday Morning, Nov 2, 2008

I did not have my camera with me so this is the result from my handphone

It was no fun cycling alone last Sunday. Not just last Sunday but it is never fun cycling alone. Also, for safety reason it is not advisable to ride alone especially on the road. But having started the last weekend I did not wish to have gap in my momentum for our, at least mine, target this year.

I was out cycling around the housing estate to warm up around 0700 and at that point still undecided as to my route. Also, I was not sure of my stamina and endurance I did not want to be too ambitious. After few rounds and cycled out of Putra Terrace down towards the main road. As I reached the main junction to Bukit Mahkota and BSP I decided to test myself against the Bukit Mahkota climb and proceeded ahead at decent speed. I observed that I could still maintain a constant speed and inched closer to the climb. At the same time I was trying to enjoy my morning ride and look around me to see a couple of people jogging and having a brisk walk on the road. When I approached the steep climb I dropped my gear and cranked up for speed. I lasted a quarter up when I slowed down to control my heavy breathing. I felt of as the heavy breathing w

as due to my lack of fitness and that was when I was confident to go the distance. I reached at the top of the climb using a higher gear from what I used before. As usual I flew down enjoying the cool breeze breaking on my face. At that instance I made my mind to turn back make another climb, speed towards Bangi lama and climb the Bangi lama new road that I have never done before. Come to think of it none of us had gone that route. However not wanting to outdo myself before going to Bangi lama I turn left into Bukit Mahkota lake area. I discovered that their clubhouse, with decent swimming pool, is almost complete. I cycled around and met two joggers and casual cyclist and a family flying motorized airplane. When interest me was that the man with the airplane was not the first and only one I met in the area. At least I have seen three of them flying their planes in

the open ground around BM and BSP. Another fact is that several families now began to come out exercising on weekends. All these are indicators that we have a good community now. Both BM and BSP are growing in population now. From what I have seen so far we have a good mix. Crimes, petty or serious, are getting easier to combat with the thriving community. It brought a nice feeling in my cycling that day and at the same time gave me a bit more confident to ride further that morning.

The long climb before I got to the bridge

The sad and lonely station

I knew it would be a long consistent climb up Bangi Lama bypass so I psych myself before the climb. I was worried about the traffic but that morning, maybe because it was still early, not many cars on the road so it helps my climb. Since I was alone nobody was around to push and pull me up. I just greet my teeth, ignored the pain and pushed hard up. The triumph of getting to the top was indescribable to me. I was glad for myself being able to do so and another part of me began to feel cocky and thought it was easy. Luckily I came to my senses as I was screaming down towards Bangi Lama town. Then halfway down I saw and realized I would be passing the railway bridge and I decided to stop there. Everyday I would be at the station waiting for my train at dawn and disembark at dusk. The feature of my life for the last five years. It gave me a different perspective looking at the station from the bridge. Strange, but I saw a lonely and sad station. I could just stay there for hours watching the train passes by underneath and I would not be bored.

I decided to move on when I felt the sun was creeping behind my back. Any cyclist would tell you that downhill is when you should catch up on your breathe but since my muscle was about to go to sleep I cranked hard. I took the normal route home. Although I would rather cycle with my friends the solitude of cycling alone was therapeutic in a way.

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