Monday, November 24, 2008

On The Train, Nov 24, 2008

Anyone could have start with ‘It is end of November already’ or ‘Well! It is end of November already’ or ‘Gosh! It’s end of November already!.’ Whatever it is, it is just making statement with no conviction what so ever. Making the statement with no real statement of intent but just making what seems to be an interesting expression. So I would not insult anybody’s intelligence by doing that. Yes. it is already end of November so what? It is whether you have done with the year’s target or not? All I can say for me Alhamdulillah.

Most of the world economy are already or going into recession now. Malaysia is doing ok due to our good foresight, management and past experience. There will be slowdown obviously but we are going to have a small growth still. So not too bad. Conveniently the west is putting the blame on Asia for their predicament.

As it is already a school holidays we had a different crowd on the train. More of the holiday makers and family rather than the blue and white collar workers.

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