Thursday, November 27, 2008

On The Train, Nov. 25, 2008

BNM announced a new OPR 3.25 to boost the economy further and of course it is the business news of the day. A lot of people wanted the OPR to go up as well for whatever reasons. It is so obvious I am no economist but the again you do not have to be one to see the obvious. The world financial crisis will affect everybody and only the prepared, smart and sometimes lucky ones would be spared the worst. The next six months are crucial to us.

As I was early the train was a bit congested.

At Kajang Kakak texted me to ask whether I was still in the office or not. I replied I was already at Kajang. As usual I called my wife to say I was already at Kajang. She asked about Kakak and I said I was not sure where she was exactly. Just after UKM I texted Kakak and she told me she had just passed UKM. Instantly I knew we were on the same train. Better still when we disembarked at Bangi we found out we were in the same coach.

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