Thursday, May 31, 2007

On The Train, May 31, 2007

The Seremban line is getting worse in the evening. One or two missing from the schedule is common occurrence everyday now. Of course the school holidays is making it worse for everyone. The usual commuters will complaint, very loudly sometimes, and of course some like me would be cursing. Just like today I arrived at the station arounf 1904 and the signboard after a Port Klang train passed indicated that a Seremban train is scheduled at 1916. !916 came and gone and yet the next train was for Port Klang line. When we were at KL Sentral it was packed and as expected it gotten worse at MidValley. Screaming, yelling and excited people could be heard on top of the crowded coach. I could here inexperience riders actually ooing and ooing when the train swayed as there were not used to standing on a fast moving train with nothing to hold on to. At times it was fun hearing them like that. Come to think of it, it is an art to be able to ride any train properly. All of us regulars already master it, I would say at least you have to do it for two years before it became the part of you, and could actually adapt to different types of train. Believe it or not each train had it own peculiarity and specialty. The sound of the engines and air-conditioners are different. The sway is also different where the experts can adjust his or her sitting/sleeping positions accordingly. Seriously as mundane as riding this train it is a discovery of life.

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