Monday, May 28, 2007

On The Train (honesty and knowledge sharing), May 28, 2007

One of the objectives in writing narrative is to share story that hopefully would include lesson to the listeners. It is so obvious this happen because the nature of narrative most of the time is context based. I found out recently that the other main component is honesty. Without it your story would be meaningless and obviously fake that would stand the test of time as the context would be not natural. However, although being honest in writing narrative is paramount in setting the right context; two potential problems could surface in the process. The limitation of the perception of the storyteller and being honest to the extend that the story might hurt someone’s feeling. I found this out the hard way recently. Just like when someone is writing his own autobiography, save for a few writers that like to sensationalize, one write biography with honesty because only with being honest one could convey the right story with the right meaning. But we also know that being honest in writing biography would hurt somebody’s feeling even what’s written is true. So how do you minimize or mitigate this? Disclaimer?