Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not On The Train but @ Specialist Hospital, May 26, 2010

As to beat the traffic jam we arrived early at DSH. It was 0631 to be exact. As instructed we walked towards the Emergency counter to register in. Formality done we waited for the next instruction. Around 0745 we were taken to the ward and I decided to have breakfast at the hospital’s cafe. Since DSH is fully ‘Wified’ all the three of us connected and communicated online easily. Then, I did not get the notion that I would be there for the whole day until late evening when I was at the cafe again having our evening coffee.

Now both of us are in the room waiting for Baqir to come back from the OT. And while waiting something very interesting happened and I want to add should not happen in hospital like DSH. Both my wife were in the room, I was standing making myself a coffee and my dear wife on the bed surfing the Net. A nurse came in and said to my wife ‘ nak ambil BP’ my wife straight pointed to the next bed and I said off the bat we were not the patients. After awhile the nurse went out and I remarked to my wife the nurse should not asked that stupid question and they should know who and where the patient is. True enough the nurse came back in and asked ‘ Patient pergi mana ye?’. I said straight away. ‘ You sepatutnya tak tanya soalan itu, you should know better. You kerja sini.’ Smiling sheepishly she said, ‘Saya tak tahu, saya baru masuk kerja.’ Sorry to say another wrong answer. No matter what, they should know who their patients are and where they are. The previous shift should do a serial knowledge transfer or a simple AAR by way of either written or verbal reports/briefing. Either way patient's records should be easily available to them.


drtamil said...

Shall I forward this to the KPJ management? Then they can do something about it.

Ghaz said...

Doc, if you wish. I do not mind.