Monday, May 3, 2010

On The Train ( The Pink Train), April 28, 2010

I was walking on the platform yesterday evening when I saw opposite on the other side that something was different. The first thing I saw was actually a police like barrier was tied around a bin against a pillar. At first I thought KTMB was trying to protect the bin from vandals but then I realised something else. All the pillars in question were actually painted pink. So I deduced that it was meant as an indication to ‘beware of a wet paint’. I was right but not sure why KTMB suddenly likes pink. Today my curiosity was answered firstly by a news report that KTMB has started to assigned a carriage in the middle of a Komuter train as a ladies only carriage and among other things decided to paint it pink. Secondly, when I walked along the platform today I saw across a big banner in between two pink pillars saying ‘ a waiting area for ladies only carriage’. The pink carriage. I was told by my colleague this morning when she boarded the specific carriage it was still full with men. :))). Obviously they were caught unaware of the new measure. For now the pink carriages are only available on Klang line. Well it is a good idea but let see how Malaysians react to that.

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