Monday, May 24, 2010

On The Train (The Pink Coach), May 21, 2010

Last week KTMB introduced The Pink Coach on the Seremban Rawang line. I knew its coming. No impact for me in the morning going to work but a big one going home as my favourite coach going home is the one in the middle. Well, I am not against the idea but they have not improve on even the smallest thing about their service and yet they are introducing this. Here’s my grievance list.

1. Punctuality is suck and the rate of train missing from the schedule is still the same.
2. The announcement still not timely and blatantly misleading. Obviously, both lines, under the pretext of trying to improve their service, would play on recorded announcement when arriving at various stations. Whenever these trains arrive at KL Sentral, to save cost or whatever, they play the same announcement like this. “ ..... kepada penumpang yang akan meneruskan perjalanan ke Pelabuhan Klang sila ke paltform 4, ke Seremban ke platform 5, .....‘ The problem is I am already on a Seremban line or Klang line. It may not be confusing to someone like me but to the new passengers and foreigners? In trying to help and save cost instead they annoy and confuse their customers.
3. In trying to educate and help the passengers, especially at KL Sentral, the guards sometimes are rude.
4. The touch n go and ticket gates are faulty most of the time. Especially to those that using weekly or monthly passes. It is a nuisance.
5. The ticket machine fared no better

KTMB can paint all the coaches pink if they want to but they are still not pretty. If you know what I mean


~Yours Truly~ said...

KTMB "MUST" have you as the ss tehir spoke person..looks like you know much than them..being a frequent loyal passengers from KL Sentral - Seremban (betul ke..erk!)i think they shud hire a consultant for service improvement - which is you. I hope ada lah followers En Ghaz yang works with KTM reading this..hehehe..

Ghaz said...

Ave, I sometimes sense somebody from KTMB actually reading this ha ha ha. But I do have a friend working fro KTMB. My daily route is actually Bangi - Bank Negara and back fro the last, OMG!, 6 years