Tuesday, December 1, 2009

On The Train (e-Books), Nov 30, 2009

All these while I had been ignoring, in fact it was a denial, the existence of e-books. I kept on giving my excuses not to read from it as trying to stay true to the original. All that changed now. I downloaded The Lost Symbol onto my iPhone last two weeks and started reading it on the train last week. I finished it this morning. My verdict - IT WORKS! Although I may be sentimental fool that would still buy books at certain occasion e-book would be a convenient version. It is not a substitute but a very good option. While reading Lost Symbol I still was engrossed in my reading and got the same satisfaction of reading a paper based book. I used to complaint quietly that I could not read in the dark or limited light source but with my iPhone it does not matter anymore. The only drawback was my reading wound only last as long as my battery could last. Having said all these I am very sure I would not be reading any books out of my Laptop or PC. What make it works is the handheld devices like iPhone. BTW The Lost Symbol was really a disappointment to me. Not only it dragged with so much detail about Freemasons but also I could anticipate the storyline easily.

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