Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On The Train (Decency and an Idiot), Oct 19, 2009

Last week in a packed train on the way home I witnessed something that gave hope to Malaysia if not 1Malaysia :)). There was this lady sitting by the door and at Bandar Tasek Selatan came on board, more like being pushed on board by the crowd, an old lady. Despite the squeeze and difficulty the lady surrendered her seat to the Mak Cik. As the Mak CIk was sitting there was a young lady carrying a helmet and holding it in such a way it was above the Mak Cik. Realising that the Mak CIk offered the young lady to hold it for her. The young lady smiling accepted the offer. That was not all, the whole sequence from the lady offering her seat all were done with smiling faces. To make it even better there were these two Chinese ladies, Ah So, standing around her and started to remarked on what she had done and they started to ask about each other. It was not a small talk. Honest friendly conversation. Looking from four feet away I was smiling at the whole incidence. There was hope for Malaysia I said to myself.

It was different story just now. While waiting for the train at KL Sentral I heard a commotion behind me. A lady was scolding somebody. I turned back and saw the lady auxiliary police on duty at the station was cautioning and Indian man who was smoking. For one this idiot knew it already that the place was a non-smoking zone and being stubborn went was asked to put the cigarette out. As if to irk the police woman even more he started to ridicule the lady. Couldn’t contain herself she started to get louder and the Indian man just teased her more. Seriously I was annoyed at the idiot and almost walked to him to give him a knock on his head. Lucky for him or me, which ever you look at it, he somewhat relented albeit still smarting from the incidence. An idiot will always be an idiot.

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