Monday, October 12, 2009

Eid Mubarak 2009

During Ramadhan about 5 of our school friends passed away due to known illness. Just after Eid I received news of death of my relatives and other friends. Last night was my neighbor who had been sick for years. Of course all these are reminders for me that life is that fragile and more should be done in preparation for the inevitable. Most of my friends’ death was after years of suffering and getting the new of their passing during Ramadhan was a blessing in a way. This set my mood during the Eid celebration. It was not that I was unhappy but I was conscious of the fact that anything can happen to anybody. Even that I failed just because I assumed and delaying things.

On a brighter note we had our first family Hari Raya gathering on the first night at Mak Anjang’s place. It was a start that we want to keep doing in the years to come. We promised ourselves that we would keep the family together and trace our heritage so that we would have a family history. It is already fairly easy on my father’s side but a bit tricky on my mum’s side. The following day we stopped at Mamak Abas’s place to beraya and asked him to share what he knows. Unfortunately not much, still useful information from him. Hearing his stories got almost everyone including our children excited about our history and everyone was bullish contributing whatever the can.

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