Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On The Train, April 21, 2008

I had a Strategic Conversation session at the Legend today and took the train all the way to Putra station. Actually I stopped at KL Sentral to have quick breakfast. I’ll talk about the strategic conversation later. Now is about the commuters. I still could not comprehend as to why it is so hard for the people boarding the train to wait and give way for people on board to get down first. It is so unbelievably easy thing to do and yet it happen all the time just like today.

A young Malay couple is standing and embracing each other in front of me now. I do not know whether they are university students but old enough. Well we know the train is now standing only but do they have to do that. Y the look of it my bet is the relationship would not last six months. Shit now they are holding hands and trying to be lover dovey while facing me. They eventually got down at Kajang and my assessment of their age then was17 years old. Actually I stopped writing about them they sat next to me. Not really next to me but I have another person separating us. Luckily I stopped as I saw in through the corner of my eyes that the young girl was actually looking at what I was doing.

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