Thursday, January 17, 2008

On The Train, Jan 16, 2008

Since I was going to Renaissance again today I got down at KL Sentral and this time I just practically went straight to McD for coffee. When I was on the platform again it was just like yesterday except for this incidence of ‘Ugly Malaysian’. We had all this nice and discipline two lines when the train comes but after that as I was already almost in front an empty train came and just like that all the lines when missing and everyone rushed in. I was aghast and remarked loudly ‘where is the line now!. A young guy next to me seemed disappointed as well said, ‘No more lines.’ And I exclaimed, ‘Oh my God’, loudly in a tone of a frustrated and disappointed person. I guess nobody cares.

The questions are;
1. Are we that forgetful?
2. Is there something wrong with the way we learn?
3. Is there a disconnect from what we know, learn, understand and the reality
4. Does this means with all the hype about social network and computing we are more individualistic? Or is it because we only care and trust our close-nit communities?

The most useful concept that I have learned at the workshop today was enterprise mashup which technically also means as composite applications. In layman’s term what it means in the web environment today it is easy to put up, mashup, together several web applications or widgets to serve certain objective. It is just like building your personalize page where you pull together several portlets like emails, calendar, rss feeds and news. Only in mashup you actually integrate these application a bit more. But it is not a complex integration. iGoogle is an example that we can using to mashup several thing for us. Other good examples of mashup are and Yahoo Travel. The potential for is is to explore using iGoogle to develop Knowledge and Learning Mashup on any subjects.

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