Wednesday, July 4, 2007

On The Train (The worst train service in the world?), July 2, 2007

I was really pissed off with the missing Seremban train. My being pissed of was because of the David Cooperfield performance of the train as well as I felt my body was aching due to potential flu. The worse was waiting for me on the train not only the train was sardine can, yet again, but it was also a very hot sardine can. The aircon was pitiful only available in a third world country. With the current rapid development in these countries this aircon could be even second class there. The only consolation for me was that hoping the heat would sweat out my cold, but I knew I was asking too much. For KTMB even asking for the worst to be good, positive, also turn out to be even worse. That’s how ridiculous KTMB Komuter is.

I read an email posting, actually he posted it in the form of questions, from my friend that whenever he is out he never failed to get angry at the attitude of all around him. His examples were eating at restaurant or any eating places, his endless incompetent contractors, and us turning into another being when we were behind the steering wheel. It is the same thing with KTM Komuter. The incidence of missing train and bad aircon, just to cite two, is not new to them and at this rate going to be a permanent feature of their service.

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