Monday, July 9, 2007

On The Train (Flying Without Wings), July 6, 2007

The usual Friday evening commuters were on the train and I sat in front of a young couple with their baby daughter. Of course once in a while the baby got restless and I did not my mind as I love to see her beautiful face. As any baby her age she was an adventurer that would like to discover new things. I am not sure whether the ride was her first but judging from her reaction it was not. I still remember taking the kids on their first long distance ride. They could not sit still even a minute unless they were sleeping. As good as any baby she was playful and did not afraid of anybody. She will grow up to be a very confident girl. Of course talking about her reminded me about my own children and entertaining the notion that time was really flying passed me. All of a sudden Along had just celebrated his 19th birthday and Mar going to be five this weekend. In Along’s early years we shared a lot of things together good and bad, pleasant and discomfort. We got through all those unscathed and surely both of us would cherish the experience and moment. The song ‘When I See You Smile’ by ‘Bad English’ sums up the whole thing for me of the experience.

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