Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On The Train (Big Brother is Watching), Dec 28, 2011

Now I routinely takes the six-car train to go home. Not only I am assured of getting a comfortable preferred seat I am also assured, insyaAllah, to get home without a drama fairly quickly. But a lot of commuters do not realise that the six-car train is equipped with CCTV to help the driver to monitor the comfort level of the commuters. A young couple or a group of young kids got to know about this in an embarrassing way yesterday. I was sitting and doing my usual thing when somewhere between Serdang and Kajang the driver came on air with this announcement,
‘Para penumpang sekalian sila ambil perhatian bahawa keretapi ini diawasi menggunakan CCTV ini supaya kami dapat berusaha memberi keselesaan kepada semua penumpang. Pengumuman ini terutama ditujukan kepada penumpang dicoach tengah, coach C, supaya berkelakuan baik. Kerana perbuatan kamu diperhatikan.’ (The driver repeated this in English, he tried very hard and I applauded him for trying, but it came out wrong.)
When I heard this I was not surprised but I almost laugh loudly LOL. And just now almost similar announcement was made but to say those sitting on the cabinet n the buffet car to get down :))). I would really going to make my day to be a train driver for a day he he he. I am all for this as sometimes some commuters just need to be told to behave. I guess they would be totally embarrassed being single out.
So the next time you are on the new train behave yourself.

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