Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On The Train, Nov 1, 2011

Yeah! it is Nov already folks. Even people on this train seem to be acknowledging the fact by going home earlier. 
It was raining today and I took the last of my umbrella in my office to walk to the station. While walking a man came from the opposite direction in the dark and when he was closed by he asked me the way to KL. I asked him where he wishes to go and told me LRT station. I said he was going the opposite direction and he should turn back. With that he just trotted away under the rain. I asked myself where in the world he came from in the first place. Jeng jeng jeng was I in a twilight zone? I continued to walk and arrived at the station without a problem :) 
The 1950 train came 10 minutes late but I just ignored the fact as I knew even in a normal condition the train will be late anyway he he he. Capacity was a bit tight when I boarded but I got a seat. I sat in between a Singh and a young man later I discovered disembarked at Bangi as well. The moment I booted up the Singh kept on looking at what I was doing so I camouflaged what I was typing. As it was raining outside everyone was a bit sullen looking. Some seated embarked on a journey into a never never land hoping to find enchanting summer dream on beautiful island somewhere. I as usual locked and hooked to my laptop and at the same time trying to be observant of my surrounding. looking at people around me I wonder how many of them are foamers like me? I am currently finishing a book about train services in the US and cannot but amaze by some of the similarity. Top of the list is the train is never on time. One of the premise of the book that I agree totally is the need to have public-private ownership in order to have a very good train services. The infrastructure cost is high and only the government could sustain and further develop it. 
The ridership of KTM Komuter is seriously increasing now. I cannot take fro granted that I will get a seat on my normal schedule anymore especially in the morning where now I have to ‘fight’ for one. Going home I can still have the option of waiting for the next one but going to work could be tricky. 

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