Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On The Train (Deep Thinking mode), Aug 16, 2011

The train this morning was punctual and with the normal number of people inside. Yesterday was another outlier with extra bodies coming from no where to fill the train. I started to read for a couple of pages and when we got to Kajang my eye lids were pushing downward powerful that I closed my book for a short nap.

The sky looked like erupting when I walked out the office. I hasten my pace to avoid being caught under an evening downpour. I arrived at the station just to miss the 1820 train. I’ll be taking taking the six-car train home again I said to myself. To the wire again today. Tomorrow will be a holiday for Selangor and will be a dream for me going to work. Going home will be another story as always KL will be packed with Selangor folks shopping. I have to time my departure properly tomorrow.

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