Friday, August 26, 2011

On The Train, Aug 25, 2011

Crowd on the train since this morning is getting thinner. Definite indication that some have gone balik kampong already. Soon this train will be a United Nation train where most of the commuters will be foreigners. Except for an obvious Malaysian like me he he he. 
The train suddenly stopped at Seputeh like yesterday. No announcement yet and the doors are closed. Now exactly like yesterday is happening it moved forward a bit then backwards with the doors closing and opening. Ok the driver now just forced the train forward with the door’s alarm going off. Looks like it is ok now, I hope.
Thank goodness history did not repeat itself if not I would definitely be cursing KTMB yet again today. Nevertheless, with the train already late and with that short episode I was late home. Met my old friend Salem Cabre when I disembarked at Bangi. We chatted as we walked out and both or us being season commuters agreed KTMB is beyond repair and we will continue to get on one everyday to work LOL.

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