Wednesday, April 14, 2010

On The Train (Knowledge and Learning Spaces), April 13, 2010

I gave my usual talk on work spaces this morning and I had a very receptive as well as perceptive audience. One thing for sure I need to do a bit more selling for the whole community for them to really understand and appreciate the importance of the concept and spaces we created for them. In Knowledge Sharing, Creation, Transfers and Learning spaces play a major role. I used the term ecology and described the history of Silicon Valley. Paradoxically all of my audience today did not know where and what Silicon Valley is when I asked. They are the internet generation. They were born to live and use the products that came or originated from the Silicon Valley so to them for all they care these products could just be from China, Taiwan, Japan or even Vietnam. They certainly could not be bothered by where or what Silicon Valley is. It just did not register in their young brains. I shared with them how Silicon Valley emerged to become a habitat and used that as an example to explain what I meant by ecology. Although, it is a complex phenomena they are certain aspects of the ecology we could introduce in our environment. Using all the models and concepts that I knew of knowledge management and learning I explained how we developed the idea of work spaces in our organization that are crucial for an improved performance.

Come to think of it now train coaches should be designed for knowledge sharing and learning as well :))). Some of us commuters are already reading, like the lady sitting next to me, on the train, one or two like me writing or blogging on the train and maybe it could be a good place for story telling and discussion as well. A lot of things happen on the train that can be used as opportunities for conversation starters.

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