Monday, August 3, 2009

On The Train (Language, Conversation, Connection and Recognition), July 31, 2009

Maybe not with the same bang as the first one we had still this year’s K Fair was concluded successfully. I do not thing we could make the turn up any bigger than the first one for the lucky draw. The first one was always special for the obvious reason. My personal observations of the three days have been:

1. Those that came to the booths and events were not the normal people that came just for the sake of the gifts and lucky draw.
2. From the questions that they asked indicated that they were there really to learn and share.
3. Again awareness and the use of new language proved to be important in creating change
4. Some of the events that were not ‘work’ related should be encouraged, apart from discovering fresh talents in the organization, they were opportunities for connecting people. Thus, the seed of their social networks and communities of practice. This was obvious during the puisi and story telling sessions.
5. The award recognitions opened up better understanding to the management and they encouraged us to continue with the effort. With their understanding and support I am positive we could see better things to come.
6. Yet again with proper guidance, support, believe and trust you could delegate almost everything and your colleagues would deliver

I was so tired that I left the office after I had a bit of rest in the office. I was also conscious of the Friday evening crowd. I got to the platform with my train approaching and as soon as we were at KL Sentral it was solid packed. With that ended another week of my life.

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