Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On The Train. May 29, 2009

We visited Digi head office yesterday and of course to me was not so much of a revelation but to witness the implementation level 5 office environment working in a ‘Malaysian’ company. If you do not understand what level 5 office environment it is an office floor that does not have walls where everyone do not own a permanent workstation. This applies to everyone from the CEO to the cleaners. I do not wish to sound too simplistic but that’s the idea. To be there for someone that is not familiar with it would definitely be an eye popping experience. The main driver for change was breaking down silo of communication and in the process of doing it they gain so much more. The success factor was the total commitment of their management to do it. Of course we may be hearing one side of the story but judging from the outlook of the people in the office they like working in that kind of setting.

Just as we are going around to view the spaces I saw Khaidir, a colleague from my TMM days, sitting talking with his colleagues outside of their ‘Bakery’ but did not stop to say hello as I thought I would be coming down later and would see him again. I should have known and took the opportunity when opportunity presented itself. Another lesson learned.

I just got off from our OD strategic discussion just now and what worries me is when I was asked about our success stories suddenly I just went blank. With all the success stories that we have I went totally blank

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