Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On The Train, June 1, 2009

I was on the 1745 train home when it started to rain at KL Station. Until today I cannot really aptly describe the nice feeling that develops inside of me whenever I am looking out at a rainy day from a window. Especially a glass window. Looking out at the rain took me down memory lane very fast. Rainy season in Kuantan, Melody and First of May came in that order for me today. As always it created a nice nostalgic feeling. Rain somehow is an association to happy feeling for me.

Since it was a bit early for me today I did expect the train to be packed. But due the school holidays I did not expect it to be solid packed. Maybe parents would like to be early home to be with their children.

The Malaysian economy contracted by -6.2% last quarter and would remain the same in this quarter. It was projected to start improving in the second half of the year by few points and probably leveling off or in positive zone next year. What interesting in this analysis is that we are expecting Malaysians to react the same way as before? When indicators were not as such we got worried. With an entrained behaviour we should, but additional complexity came into play.

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