Wednesday, January 28, 2009

On The Train, Jan 28, 2009

After a month at home and not taking the Komuter today I found out that KTMB had come out with a new innovation. Not a great innovation but at least an innovation to improve the service. I guess only now they realized that they have built new platforms that are too long for the Komuter trains. They have segregated the embarking and disembarking area into two. For south bound the first half of the platform is for the Pelabuhan Klang commuters and the other half until the end for Seremban bound commuters. The same on the opposite north bound platform where the first half for the Rawang bound commuters and the other end for Sentul bound.

The benefits, to the users of course, we do not have to cramp in one section of the platform to wait, embark and disembark. Of course we should not be confused as to what train is arriving to board now as we are already at the designated place. I suspect as well this segregation was implemented to ensure their just implemented arrow/directional for embarking and disembarking would work. At least it was working just now. Well, only if Malaysians would behave that way. At least this is an effort from KTMB to change how Malaysians behave. But I read somewhere change management is ridiculously missing the point and should not be done at all. If that is the case then we should build carriages that have seats in the middle and the doors roll up or down the length for the carriage. This way Malaysians do not have to queue up to embark and they can happily jump and rush in or out at any place the length of the entire train. If that still not going to work in Malaysia nothing will he he he. I also suspect KTMB implemented the segregation system to avoid backlash from the media and the public at large for not so smart in planning and spending.

I was not worried about my broken clavicle when I boarded to work this morning as I was pretty sure to get a seat but going home was something else. So when I boarded to go home I picked my place properly and was gifted a seat at KL station.

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