Wednesday, October 3, 2007

On The Train (Lamenting), Oct 1, 2007

Today is 19th Ramadan and I am on the 1830 train going home. Yes, no doubt I am going to be late again but what else is new. Worse things happened to me before and I survived but things could be eating inside of me in bits and pieces that I did not realize. As anybody could deduce these bits and pieces could snowball in the future. Another bit hit me today no matter how best I can manage it, it will grow. I am getting tired of trying to explain the same thing again and again to the same people. Worse is that I know that I would not be stopping anytime soon. I guess I just have to make it happen and prove and show to them what it is all about. I am relax and managing this to the best of my ability. The train ride and writing have been my main outlet to talk about it. Given a choice the easy way out is just to drop everything and remain anonymous but what is that for a career. Another possibility is drop and get out but being a consultant is not fun as well. So the best thing to do is to prod on, persevere and pray hard than one filthy rich dying dude would name you as his sole benefactor LOL. That’ll be the day LOL. Seriously though, thinking about it now it is not that bad. Be honest in what you do and they will come, InshaAllah.

Lesson learned: Do not assume what you have told somebody would be a permanent resident of his memory. Sell, sell and sell; back it up, back it up and back it up.

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