Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On The Train, Aug 8, 2007

I dragged myself out of the office and walked slowly to the station. As it was late there were not many people waiting and as if all the energy was drained out of my body I sat myself down to wait. My mind out of my tired brain just managed lingering around close by. No wanting to be adventurous as before. Even when the train arrived I was not that excited only to be glad the ride home was there. The same thing on the train, I guess because I was still aching here and there after a very adventurous weekend on the fields and cycling, I was just not in a mood to do anything. For the past two days I was not really myself. My tired face was so obvious. The tiredness was compounded by the loads that I had to carry in the office.

Looking around in the train I could not see beyond my weary eyes only the obvious. I felt like I was sitting alone. Loneliness, despite having a lot of commuters around me on the train. In the end I felt so drained, closed my laptop and shut off to nap for few minutes. I was awake at Kajang and the few minutes were actually meaningful.

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