Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not On The Train But in PD Witnessing (or should I say photographing) a Wedding, Aug 18, 2007

The morning was early for me and as soon as I walked out my room I saw bodies laying in the living room like refugee camp. I peeped carefully trying to identify Mar and there she was curled in the middle of the pack. The newly wed was on the floor sleeping soundly.

I went out with my dear wife to explore what we should get for breakfast. It was drizzling cold morning and I did not think I would be driving far for breakfast. We ended up at the usual place just after the Dataran where we used to buy breakfast before. It was convenience as we can get most of the things there. A nice surprise though I stumbled upon Anis who was buying breakfast there as well. Anis did her practical at our place few months back and now working for the PD Poly.

We came back to the apartment with 10 packets of nasi lemak, 8 pieces of roti canai and a lot of karipap and other kueh. I thought that was overdoing it but in the end it was just nice to feed my platoon. After a long hibernation they sure were hungry. Since it was still early I decided to take a nap and the children jump into the pool.

Let me just breakdown the kenduri into the followings;

1. Berarak and bersanding
2. Speedboat ride
3. Cake cutting, and
4. Continuous eating

Of course I was involved through out as the photographer. The most exciting was actually the boat ride and the three photographers had to follow in another boat. I just wish then I had a longer lens.

The day ended with everyone so tired and we went back to our apartment to rest. The rest went home.

I decided to try the new Tom Yam restaurant next to the Petronas at Batu 4 before walking through the pasar malam (since it was Saturday night). I asked at the entrance what their specialties are and I was told confidently everything. When we finished eating all of us were disappointed and agreed that would be the last time we would be there. You can get testier ones from the roadside stalls. When we ordered we specifically said we could not eat certain seafood and why I was not surprise when the food came they still included those things. I sent them back of course.

1. The wedding was an experience
2. There should be more family outing just to be together
3. PD is becoming monotonous to all of us and there is nothing more interesting to see or experience. I also doubt whether it is a good place to relax anymore.

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