Wednesday, June 26, 2013

On The Train ( The new beginning ha ha ha), June 25, 2013

I have not been writing about KTMB nor Komuter services for quite awhile here now. The frequent outlet now is my FB status timeline. Not that I do not have anything to write either. I am yet to finish writing the train journey around Malaysia that my wife and I took late last year. Recently, the whole family except for Kakak took our first long ride on the train to Bangkok. 

All credit to KTMB the Komuter service is much much better now with the new six-car trains. Only occasionally they stumbled due to technical reason and miscommunication. They really have a lot of opportunities to improve further. Soon with the completion of the double tracking project on their intercity line I could see further improvement. Well, unless they fail to see the bigger opportunities. They will be shuttle train like the ETS soon going down north and south which going to make train traveling more viable, Not only that staying away from the city also has more merit and easier. To the romantics like me however would still want to have the intercity express like now. 

Now I could see a lot of new faces on the Komuter train, which is encouraging. Foreigners being en-cultured with their home country’s train service would of course prefer train to taxi. This is where KTMB needs to understand. More happy faces on the Komuter now especially on the train home and I suppose in the morning as well. The reason I am saying the last part is because about 90% on us in the morning try our darnest to capture or gain some lost zzzzzz. I for one now go to sleep as soon as I sit down ha ha ha.

I went through a lot of changes on the train and the way I use the Komuter service also somewhat evolved. Those days I used to read a lot now more collaborating or communicating online. I still write like before but now I publish to the world less. Thinking mode is still there. I guess more than just thinking as the one hour ride home is also medicinal to me, seriously. The one good thing with the new trains is that they have power points for me to pluck in my laptop or to recharge my handphone.  I am doing it now ha ha ha

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