Friday, April 13, 2012

On The Train, April 13, 2012

This is my first piece this year. Oh no I have not stopped complaining about KTMB Komuter services as I nowadays more or less do it live via by FB he he he. Despite the new 6-car MyCommuter services has been just ok. Nothing to shout about really. The faces are happier now. Nevertheless KTMB has a lot to do still. Now Ia m in the old one - packed and hot with the aircon barely working. I am late because I waited out the rain at the office today. It was really heavy and I sincerely thought I had to wait longer.
Not only this tin ikan sardin is hot and stuffy, it moves like a snail as well. The Rawang - Sg Gadut line was also problematic today. SInce morning all I heard announcement after announcement pronouncing delays. Ok it is time to bring the new tracks from China! LOL

Now our train is being asked to wait so that the Express train can pass us.

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aliff mohamad noor said...

Lama dah tidak naik komuter!