Thursday, June 3, 2010

On The Train, June 1, 2010

Yeap, I am on the train yet again. What can I do? I like train so much no matter how pissed I was yesterday. The 1920 train home was packed like sardine can. Came on board at the same station was a KTMB guy in uniform. I thought at first he was checking tickets and getting a ride back to the office. About 5 minutes into our journey I saw several men were coming through sheepishly and smiling from the next coach. They were chased out by the KTMB guy from the Pink Coach. So they are serious about the Pink Coach. I just hope they are as serious about improving the basic parts of the service.

If it was me I would not budge from the coach. Well, I am not trying to be stubborn or what but it I were to be there in the first place I must have a valid reason. Secondly, I would give the conductor my piece of mind before anything else. For one I would be telling him that KTMB has their priority wrong. Despite applauding and supporting the move to assign a ladies only coach, in the current situation it is ill-advised on their part. The other thing they forget is that most of their customers are really suffering because of their poor services. Especially for loyal commuters like me that have been using the ‘disservice’ for 6 years and more. At this point whatever KTMB does to make us piss will piss us big time. We are as hot as the hot weather in Malaysia now. They should know better not to increase the temperature further. I know most of them are just doing their job but as I said our body temperature has reached the bearable maximum.

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